Test Head Functionality

Function CopperTest 100 CopperTest 200 CopperTest 300
Web browser or thin client result display applications  Χ  
AC voltage measurements with Hazardous line condition detection
Resistance measurements including reversed loop leakage test  √
Capacitance measurements including capacitance Imbalance fault identification  √
High resistance series disconnection fault identification and Load Coil detection  √
Termination Identification of CPE / Telephones / Off Hook Telephone / Modems / NTE no Telephone  √
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) with interpretation diagnostics of Line characteristics  √
DC voltage measurements  √
Fully automatic test mode for POTS / Broadband Service assurance
Manual ‘on-demand’ test mode for immediate line condition check  √
Camp-on test mode for detailed fault diagnosis  √

Multiple test scripts to check line against a number of SLA conditions Χ    
Configurable test parameters for fault thresholds and work group location Χ   
Local secure Laptop access to perform line tests – web browser or thin client result display applications Χ
OSS Integration using an open interface API or web browser Χ  
Insertion Loss – POTS / ISDN / ADSL / VDSL frequencies Χ  
Frequency Sweep Longitudinal balance test across the ADSL / VDSL frequency ranges Χ    
Noise measurement including Metallic Noise analysed against Psophometric Weighted Profiles Χ  
Line pre Qualification – POTS / ISDN / ADSL / VDSL services  Χ
Wideband test facilities from the optional Vonaq Broadband / IPTV Service test Module Χ
Single man line up test to a suitable hand held tester – field controlled  Χ
Frequency Sweep test tone generator Χ  
Pair location / Circuit ID tone / Howler generator Χ
Line-in, line-out, bridged and high impedance monitor test options Χ  
Non Intrusive Test Access when used with a suitable Test Access Matrix  
dc Busy Line Test on POTS lines and POTS Continuity  - Sub Loop Unbundling Χ
Remote Management of test head and firmware download Χ
Staus Indicator LED    
Security protection  
Hardware Alarms Output Χ  
Self calibration and monitoring Χ  
OEM module  √ Χ Χ
Powered by Central Office battery Χ  
Switch Bus Χ    
Golden Modem (DSL Test) Χ  
IPTV & VoIP testing Χ  
Test Bus Χ
Manage Test Access Matrix (TAM) Χ
Manage Test Access Switch Matrix (TASM) Χ


Further information on Copper Test Heads and metallic test access units can be found at UTEL