U-Test 200 Overview

The U-Test 200 family of test heads offer rack fitting options for ETSI and standard 19" units.

A larger unit with multiple options on the number of test bus sockets and direct Test Access Switch Matrix control ports.

Supplied with colour coded cables, power plug and test plug with screw connections.

Copper Line Test 200


U-Test 200 Specification

Note:  Specification is dependent on UTest model and can be mixed and matched to meet customer requirements



DC voltage tests
   Range: -300 to +300 volts
   Accuarcy: ±5%
   Resolution: 1 volt

AC voltage tests
   Range: 0 to 300 volts RMS
   Frequency: 20Hz to 200Hz
   Accuracy: ±5%
   Resolution: 1 volt

Resistance tests
   Range: 0Ω to 500KΩ
   Accuracy: ±10%
   Range: 500KΩ to 1MΩ
   Accuracy: ±20%
   Resolution: 1Ω

Capacitance tests
   Range: 0μF to 2μ
   Accuracy: ±5%
   Resolution: 1nF

10 inputs
      Max voltage: 70V
      Isolation: 2500Vac (RMS)
2 Dry contact outputs:
      Mx Voltage: 220VDC, 250VAC
      Max Current: 2A
      Max Power: 60VA

   1 Green LED:
      Idle Flashing at 1Hz
      Busy: Falashing at 10Hz
      Lost COM: Constant on
      Hardware failure: Off

Communication Ports
   RS485 port: 1

   Size (HxWxD): 11.5x115.0x161.7 millimetres

Supply voltage
   DC supply: 12 volts

Power Consumption
   Normal testing: 1.5W

Operating environment
   Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C

   MTBF: 76.6 years (HRD5)

   10-pin connector: power, comms, address
   96-pin connector: alarm inputs, alarm outputs,
   look in test pair and look out test pair

U-Test 200 Features

  • AC voltage measurements with Hazardous line condition detection
  • Frequency Sweep Longitudinal balance test across the ADSL / VDSL frequency ranges
  • Resistance measurements including reversed loop leakage test
  • Noise measurement including Metallic Noise analysed against Psophometric Weighted Profiles
  • Capacitance measurements including capacitance Imbalance fault identification
  • Line pre Qualification – POTS / ISDN / ADSL / VDSL services
  • High resistance series disconnection fault identification and Load Coil detection
  • Wideband test facilities from the optional Vonaq Broadband / IPTV Service test Module
  • Termination Identification of CPE / Telephones / Off Hook Telephone / Modems / NTE no Telephone
  • Single man line up test to a suitable hand held tester – field controlled
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) with interpretation diagnostics of Line characteristics
  • Frequency Sweep test tone generator
  • DC voltage measurements
  • Pair location / Circuit ID tone / Howler generator
  • Fully automatic test mode for POTS / Broadband Service assurance
  • Line-in, line-out, bridged and high impedance monitor test options
  • Manual ‘on-demand’ test mode for immediate line condition check
  • Non Intrusive Test Access when used with a suitable Test Access Matrix
  • Camp-on test mode for detailed fault diagnosis
  • dc Busy Line Test on POTS lines and POTS Continuity  - Sub Loop Unbundling
  • Multiple test scripts to check line against a number of SLA conditions
  • Remote Management of test head and firmware download
  • Configurable test parameters for fault thresholds and work group location
  • Security protection
  • Local secure Laptop access to perform line tests – web browser or thin client result display applications
  • Self calibration and monitoring
  • OSS Integration using an open interface API or web browser
  • Powered by Central Office battery
  •  Insertion Loss – POTS / ISDN / ADSL / VDSL frequencies
Further information on Copper Test Heads and metallic test access units can be found at UTEL